Healthy Mind and Body Connection

anim_1 Living Healthy

We will discuss the many facets of living healthy in the modern day. We will break this post down into 3 aspects, and some of it may seem obvious but is absolutely essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Numero uno, is a healthy diet and nutrition plan, numero dos, consists of exercise and remaining fit, and numero trez consists of being mentally and spiritually enlightened.

  1. Healthy Diet & Nutrition

The latest trend that seems to be arising in the world of eating healthy is the Paleo diet or the various derivatives of it. The paleo diet is more than just “primal diet” and eat raw food. The diet summarized in a few sentences states that:

  • Eat grass fed meats and pastured eggs, this is how our ancestors remained healthy, the food wasn’t Genetically Modified and it certainly was not laced with pesticides that we see on our foods now.
  • No Dairy, butter is ok, and is a healthy source of fats.
  • More fats, less carbs, no gluten. Gluten is not digested by our bodies, you don’t have to have celiac disease to realize this. The science is there and Robb Wolf does a darn god job proving his point.

2. Exercise. Another thing our ancestors did was roam around, walk, move and hunt (albeit this is vastly overstated, it was done once every few days and most of the food we ate was composed of food gathered by kids and mums at home). Exercise is important, especially if you are an office bound hamster, you need to make sure there is blood flow around the body (the premise of Yoga) to keep you healthy. Yoga is a good alternative if you have a heart ailment. We recommend using free compound weights to reach your goals. Some lifts we recommend: Deadlifts (3×6), Chest Press (3×5), Overhead press, leg press, and you can adjust the reps based on what your health goals are. Is it to gain muscle mass? or is it to loose weight and build aerobic capacity? If the later, you need higher reps, if you need strength, stick to low reps, high weights.

3. Supplementation. Lastly, I want to talk about a part of being healthy that most people never ever discuss, and it is brain/mind and spirituality. Life is not about just about being physically fit (via a good diet and working out) it can be much deeper than that, and that means learning and knowing your place in life. This can mean you meditate in the morning, and let go of worries and stress even for that brief second. It also means being able to be sharp, and being able to learn things quickly to get ahead and to understand things faster. As with nutrition and diet, brain can also be altered with what we consume. E.g. if you consume eggs, you are getting choline in your diet, which helps your brain with process signals faster (that is a simple way of putting it. Or you can consume a supplement like Alpha GPC capsules which not only decreases your risk of Alzheimer’s but also will help you when working out via it’s Growth Hormone and power output properties (much more on mind+body connection). You can learn more about certain chemicals from the link above and even purchase it as needed. Other brain supplements can be seen here: