Improving Gut Health

What Is Good Gut Health – A Primer

You gastrointestinal system or gut is the foundation for better health and that is why you see more and more blogs online discussing the perils of taking care of gut health.

We will discuss quick tips and tricks to reduce gut problems and to promote gut healing. Lets start by stating that autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative diseases and celiac, gluten diseases can all be interrelated in this context in terms of food sensitivity. We will discuss how to promote good gut health for better health and wellness, but let’s start with the basics.

The bacteria that is in our intestines are involved with metabolic functioning, and you may have upwards of over 90 trillion of them living there. It can almost be seen as that we are vessel for our gut as there is more of them then our own DNA! 80% of our immune system is also located in the gut and seems to work closely with the gut flora. This is why food can also be seen as medicine, what we put in our system directly determines how good our gut is going to be.

Our immune system is modulated by our endocrine system. Our gut flora works to help our immune system recognize changes to foods that we consume when we are younger. The balance in the gut activity is what determine a healthy or sick you. This entire gut biome is very sensitive to changes including psychological or physical (stress of any kind and hormonal changes).

What is Leaky Gut?

It is basically when food is not absorbed properly in your gut and passes through the digestive tract. It should have been broken down into it’s basic macronutrients but it didn’t and this also causes food allergies to develop. This means your enterocycle layer must be impermeable as to not allow food to pass through. An inflammatory environment within the gut may increase permeability. Our gut has about 500 to 100 species and they must be carefully balanced.

Where does Gluten come in?

Gluten sensitivity is not the same as having Celiac Disease. You can begin a nutrition protocol to improve your flora nd target low energy levels with: copper, zinc and selenium to support thyroid function. Herbal adaptogenic herbs such as Bacopa, Licorice and even Ashwagandha, multivitamins, Lcarnitine, vitamin D3, adrenal extracts and something for cognition such as Lumonol.

You may notice sleep, energy, and mood improve for the better within a few days. This can lead to lower levels prescription medicine which could also be detrimental to your gut biome. Consider tracking your medicine on